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~Yoga For All ~ 
Welcome to "Yoga For All" in Derry, New Hampshire!

"Yoga is like a diamond, it shines in many directions" - mr

"Yoga For All" offers affordable yoga classes in various locations within the community. Prior registration required for all sessions. Refer to Class Schedules for details.

Hatha Yoga -  The branch of yoga that focuses on physical health and well-being.  Most commonly done through the practice of physical postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) along with relaxation practices.  Creating peaceful balance of mind, body and breath.

Classes are suitable for all abilities from beginners to all levels experience.  Classes are designed to unite the body, mind and breath as follows:  Begin centering, warm-up exercises, flow sequences, postures on floor and standing, breathing techniques and relaxation. Each class is specially designed to create inner balance so when class is complete the body will be fully stretched and all energy centers open.

You can e-mail me at:
"Yoga For All" *  Derry, NH * US * 03038*(603)426-5546